Selected Articles & Reports

Container vessels diversion pattern to trans-Arctic shipping routes and GHG emission abatement potential –Maritime Policy & Management – View Article

Reinventing mountain settlements: A GIS model for identifying possible ski towns in the U.S. Rocky Mountains – Journal of Applied Geography – View Article

The Delaware Geography-Health Initiative: Lessons Learned in Designing a GIS-Based Curriculum – Journal of Geography – View Article

Panama Canal expansion: Emission changes from possible US west coast modal shift – Journal of Carbon Management – View Article

Arctic shipping emissions inventories and future scenarios  – Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics – View Article

Development of a California Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transport Model with Cargo Flow Analysis – California Air Resources Board – View Article

Using Natural gas as a Marine Fuel Alternative – Journal of Energy Policy – View Article

Commercial Marine Emissions in the LADCO Region (Great Lakes) – Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium – View Report

Economic Impacts of the Category 3 Marine Rule on Great Lakes Shipping – EPA – View Report

Emissions Changes from Containerized Cargo Shifts through an Expanded Panama Canal, Prepared for Environmental Defense Fund, w/GIFTSolutions LLC.

Investigation of Seasonal Sea-Ice Thickness Variability in the Ross Sea – View Article

Transferability of Protocols and Results Across U.S Mexico Border Crossings, Task 3e of DTFH61 T11 002 (EN 1002): Emissions and Border Wait Time Analysis Support, Cambridge Systematics project for Federal Highways Administration, US DOT

Mortality in Latitudes 40°N and Above from Primary Particulate Matter Emissions by Shipping; Prepared for the Clean Air Task Force: Boston, MA, USA, submitted to the International Maritime Organization

Analysis of Impacts of Category 3 Marine Rule on Great Lakes Shipping; Energy and Environment al Research Associates

Infrastructure Performance Improvement to Reduce Corridor Delays for Freight Flows: Application of Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transportation Model, Study Design Memorandum: Milestone for Task I  – Assess System Performance Measures; University of Delaware and Rochester Institute of Technology

Evaluating theEnvironmental Attributes of Freight: Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transportation (GIFT ) Modeling, at 6th International Conference on Industrial Ecology, Science, Systems, and Sustainability

20 Smartphone Apps for the Home and Garden – New York Times

iPhone Becomes Wood Encylopedia – Fine Woodworking Magazine


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