4x4 Sprinter Van
For Sale

4x4 Transformer 4-Season Adventure Van

2018 Sprinter 144 NCV3 - w/less than 20,000 easy miles

Includes Balance of Extended Factory Warranty - 100,000 miles through January 2024!


2018 Freightliner (Mercedes) Sprinter 144 High Roof.  4×4

True 4×4 with low range transfer case and the last year of a real gear shift!!  Van is very clean and has no off smells, stains, or cosmetic flaws.  And of course, it has never smoked in.  No liens.  Have original window sticker and clean PA title in hand.

1 owner – originally purchased at Freightliner Queens, NY w/4 miles on odometer (this was the same dealer that supplies the NYPD w/their vans and trucks 🙂 ) 

This started life as a 12 Passenger Sprinter Van, made and assembled in Dusseldorf, Germany – The benefit of the passenger vans of this vintage is that they were built 100% in Germany and shipped ready to sell in the USA, not broken down and re-assembled in South Carolina like the current Sprinters which introduced some re-assembly line glitches and bugs.  The seats were removed with approximately 200 miles on the odometer, immediately before converting into our adventure van but many of the passenger oriented features were maintained for maximum versatility including powerful auxiliary heat and A/C.

Meticulously maintained in our three years of ownership.  Oil Changed and analyzed every 7500 miles by Blackstone Labs – Oil Analysis Reports included.  Always used Motul 8100 X-Clean Mercedes spec synthetic oil and OEM filters.  This is not my first van build and I’ve been a recreational vehicle enthusiast and outdoor sports junkie for nearly 30 years.


Design Philosophy:

Reliability, Versatility, Comfortability, Enjoyability

This is not a hack job or first attempt at building something.  In fact, I have over 30 years of experience as a mechanic, carpenter, electrician, scientist, plumber and welder with a Master’s degree.  Absolutely no shortcuts were taken during this build.  

This van was built as a transformable, multi-purpose adventure machine and has been designed with maximum versatility in mind.  What’s that mean?  This van is laid out and built for supporting adventures of all kinds, not just glamping.  Built with outdoor adventures, paddling, skiing, cycling, surfing, climbing, photography expeditions, motorcycle hauling, camping and more in mind, the van was designed as an adventure basecamp on wheels.  An open floor plan allows quick adaptability between all of these various seasonal pursuits.  

Seating for two, and an adjustable height, stowable bed keeps the layout flexible for hauling bicycles or motorcycles while sleep above them, carrying 10 foot boards on a lumber run, going for a quick paddle without having to strap boats to the roof or setting up a mobile office at the beach for the day.  Drop the bed into lounge mode for just hanging out in the sun, even on the coldest of winter days with the diesel furnace.  Airline-grade L-track throughout the van allows passenger seats to be added back securely and safely in a jiffy should you choose to do so.

The Build Process:

Drill, cut, clean, paint, seal, clean run wires, sound dampen, clean, insulate, clean, clad, build, attach, enjoy.

I knew we wanted Aluminum L-track (used in the airline industry for attaching seats in commercial airplanes) throughout the van to support our diverse needs.  Over 100 feet of L-track throughout the van allows for a versatile and flexible way of re-arranging for any particular season, sport, purpose or re-design.  Try your kitchen in the front or back, carry all the gear you can imagine, have a mobile office or workshop, add seats as needed or secure any load you can dream up.  Again, absolutely no shortcuts were taken in this build.  Every single hole drilled in this van was re-sealed with gray paint and metal shavings were gathered to prevent rust. 1/4-20 Rivnuts were used throughout for easy removal and reinstallation of wall and ceiling panels.  The outside body molding was removed and each clip individually sealed before soundproofing the body with Noico sound dampening mat and insulating the walls with 3M Thinsulate.  The mounting brackets for the original 3 rows of passenger seating were removed and the floor was sealed with truck bed liner and sound proofed before adding unistrut rails with the original seat bracket bolts as an attachment point for 3 runs of L-track running the length of the van in the floor.  This allows for virtually infinite and secure attachment of accessories on the floor.  The floor was then insulated with multiple layers of a neoprene like foam called microcell and then covered with 3/4″ painted plywood, slotted for flush mounting with the L-track.  The L-track has been filled with a black rubber track liner and then entire floor system can easily be covered with a vinyl plank flooring if L-Track is not needed or your tastes require something fancier.

The electrical system was designed to be usable for extended periods of off-grid living yet also to not be overkill or overly expensive to maintain and repair.  Two 90 watt solar panels on the roof supply power to a 220 Amp Hour battery bank in a custom battery box under the hood of the vehicle.  By keeping the sealed lead acid battery bank in the engine compartment, there is no need to worry about battery off-gassing in the living quarters and it frees up valuable space.  Bi-directional charging is possible through an Automatic Charing Relay (ACR) with a remote switch mounted neatly on the dash board.  This means you can automatically or manually top off the batteries while driving, run the engine for heavy loads, or jump start a dead starting battery by pushing a button.  Auxiliary fuses were added beneath the driver’s seat to save space with a hefty Xanterax 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave 120 volt inverter mounted directly behind the driver to power a blender, microwave, TV or laptop.  All wire sizes and connections are appropriately sized for their current and length of runs and crimped and sealed with professional tooling.

As this started as a passenger van, the interior plastic body paneling and trim were maintained as a finish and barrier between hot/cold body metal and the interior surfaces.  After insulating and re-attaching the body panels, the rear wheel wells were sound dampened, insulated and boxed in with plywood storage cabinets, being careful to leave 49″ of space between the wheel wells for hauling sheet goods if desired.  Two runs of L-track were installed with rivets along the side walls for securing cabinets or just about anything else.  Solid black walnut and cherry lumber was used for creating a vertically oriented adjustable-height bed-system made of 4 removable cedar decking panels.

A small multi-use kitchen area was added behind the driver’s seat with a live edge black walnut countertop, large round stainless steel sink, marine foot pump, ten gallons of fresh water in two 5 gallon military water cans with a single, 5 gallon, gray water tank or simple drain to the exterior of the van (when parked accordingly).  Three drawers and cabinets provide storage with push latches for securing while driving.  A Dometic CFX 40 Refrigerator/Freezer runs 24/7 with little oversight ensuring the beer is always cold after your ride.

Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning

As a luxury passenger van, this van came from the factory with many HVAC options including a powerful rooftop A/C unit run from its own engine driven compressor and two diesel powered auxiliary heaters.  The rooftop A/C can only be used while the engine is running but cools the van insanely fast given that it was designed to remove the heat from 12 people.  If you run it on medium you will be begging for a jacket, even on the hottest summer days.  There was an issue on some earlier NCV3 vans with the roof top A/C leaking but that was fully addressed in the 2016+ production so no worries here.

From the factory, this van came equipt with two auxiliary heater options in addition to the standard heater.  HZ5 is a heavy duty fuel-fired pre-heater/booster at 34,000 BTU.  This heater has a remote control and will only operate when the outside temperature is below 39 degrees.  It acts to pre-heat the engine coolant so that the engine and cabin are warm and ready to go when you start the vehicle in cold temperatures.  H13, the second auxiliary heater option, is a diesel-fired heater for the rear cabin and will only operate when the van engine is running but quickly heats the van compartment through a duct in the floor.  While these heaters bring a level of comfort to the coldest days, they are designed for pre-heating the engine or operating when the engine is running.  Any true adventure van needs heat with AND without the engine running.  To address this I added an Eberspacher diesel fired heater with 7 day timer and thermostat.  This unit will keep the van toasty without the engine running on the coldest of days and with the high-altitude kit, the heat will operate efficiently in the mountains.  We’ve slept (its not camping if you have heat) in a comfortable 70 degrees in the van when outside temperatures were in the single digits and windy.

Ventilation is accomplished through a Maxxair roof fan, front window security screens and a rainproof, screened, double venting window behind the driver’s seat above the kitchen counter.  Parked in the shade with the windows cracked open and the fan on, the van remains cool for a surprisingly long time in the summer heat.  If you need a boost you can always fire up the rooftop A/C for a quick cooldown.



2018 Sprinter Passenger Van (Windows all around)
Purchased new in January of 2019. 

4×4 w/low range

5 – 265/75R16 Falken Wild Peak AT3W All-Terrain tires

Heavy Duty Slotted Roof Rack (3 full width load bars)

LED Roof lights individually switched left & right sides w/remote

LED Undercarriage lights w/remote for camping ambience

180 Watt Solar Array (2x 90 watt panels) w/charge controller
220 Amp Hour House SLA battery bank under hood in custom mount
Xanterex 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter w/3600 Watt surge capacity

Blue Sea Automatic Charging Relay (ACR) w/remote dash switch

Espar S2 D2L Diesel Heater w/ Easy Start Pro 7 day timer, thermostat and high altitude kit

Factory option remote control diesel fired engine pre-heater

Maxxair 10 speed Ventilation Fan
Passenger seat swivel
Passenger seat storage box
Adjustable height L-track bed system w/cedar panels
      (breaks down in seconds)
Dometic CFX40 fridge/freezer 12v/120v

100+ feet of airline grade L-track w/variety of mounting hardware
3M Thinsulate Insulation throughout
Microcell floor insulation 

Custom 3/4″ painted plywood custom flooring 
Noico Soundproofing on all body panels
All body molding w/clips have been sealed
Rodent proof engine compartment, air intake and cabin intake
Rodent proof air exhausters

Bluetooth Radio w/Navigation
Custom storage boxes above wheel wells
Custom 3 drawer kitchen cabinet
Custom cabinet behind driver
Walnut live edge countertop
Large stainless steel sink 
2 – 5 gallon Military grade Scepter fresh water tanks
Heavy Duty Marine foot pump
5 gallon gray water tank 
Sink drain to exterior w/quick connect for stealth camping

Custom storage shelf above driver/passenger compartment

Insulated magnetic window covers
Curtain to driver’s compartment
Security Window Screens

Badass Blue Camo Stash Pockets along edge of ceiling

LED interior lights on house battery w/dimmer
LED interior lights on starting battery w/door/dash switch control
12 volt outlets throughout

USB outlets throughout

5,000 pound Curt trailer hitch w/wiring

$124,500 - Serious Buyers Only

Financing is available for RVs and discussed here.  

Please be sure you can pay for this or secure financing before contacting me!!

I have a clean PA title in hand and you can drive away with the van as soon as your payment clears.

A few words on the price.  Vans and everything associated with them are outrageously expensive these days.  Many dealers are charging $25-40k over MSRP for new 4×4 Sprinters, and they are backordered for months with very limited options, but don’t take my word for it.  Call around.  Many van upfitters are backlogged and over 1 year out, plus they are expensive.  Some are worth it, many are not.  Most of the guys working on you $100k van get paid $20/hour and are not vested in your ‘investment’.

Yes, there are cheaper vans out there.  Yes you can build one yourself.  If that’s you, go for it, I dare ya.  There is a tremendous amount of time, work, money and tooling involved to end up with a clean build.  

This van is turn key and ready for adventure or to be cosmetically glamped out as you see fit.  I set the price based on the market conditions and the scarcity of clean, low-mile NCV3 4×4 Sprinters.  This is a clean, low-mile build, German built and has an an actual gear shifter, unlike the 2019-2022 vans.  Spend less, spend more or stop searching and buy my van.  The choice is yours but please do not waste my time.

So serious buyers only and no low ballers – thank you!

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